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A new ecosystem for & built efficiently with
A new NFT ecosystem for
Culture & Creativity, built
efficiently with Ethereum.

Our first collaboration will be The Currency Project by Damien Hirst.
Our first collaboration will be The Currency Project by Damien Hirst.

Scalable and

Together, with some of the biggest names in fine art, cryptoart, and entertainment, we are building a new creative studio and NF T ecosystem on Ethereum that is both scalable and sustainable.

Invested in

Palm NFT Studio collaborates with creatives, artists, marketplaces, and rights holders to bring projects and platforms into the Palm ecosystem.

To speak with us about how we can support your NFT project or platform, please get in touch.

99% More
Energy Efficient

The Palm ecosystem will ultimately be driven by a native token, $PALM, and is expected to be up to 99% more energy efficient than Proof of Work-based blockchain networks, providing artists a more sustainable solution today while Ethereum upgrades to Proof of Stake.

Low Gas,
Shared Growth

Creators using the Palm ecosystem will benefit from super low gas fees, and the Palm ecosystem will reward both creators and participants.

Built for

The Palm ecosystem was designed from the ground up to be as flexible as artists are creative. Today, we are making NFTs easier and more efficient to use with an Ethereum sidechain, and have a roadmap to decentralize over time.

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